Is The Fifth Estate considered to be a dramatic thriller?

Well, unfortunately I have to say no. As a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch’s mesmerizing performance in Sherlock, I thought that he could have the ability of choosing a good movie’s script to act but no, this movie was not my type.

Apparently, The Fifth Estate based on real events, about when and how the Wikileaks was set up and collapsed. So basically, the whole plot of this movie is to focus on the Wikileaks’s founder Julian Assange choose to expose dirty things in the government, I believe?

But then the movie itself is too complicated, the script leaves me confused. Like seriously, just a blink of an eye then I couldn’t understand what just happened in the movie. I tried so hard to get which part is dramatic and which part is thriller but I have no idea. I understand that Julian in the movie is fighting for free speech. The most memorable quote that I remembered from the movie is:

give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth

But the point is that his ego is too big, he didn’t care about the consequences that his Wikileaks brings about.

Maybe I will re-watch it again, and read some review plot twist on the Internet, let them enlighten me then.

You guys can watch it if you like these kind of seriously stuff, etc. or just for seeing Benedict like me haha.

Self-branding and the way Instagram helps us

Nowadays, the spread of the internet and interactive media has offered opportunities for ’demotic turn’ (Turner, 2010). Turner described the terminology as the era of normal people can have the chance to take part in the media field. For instance, many people become passionate and interested in making YouTube videos and see YouTube as the basis for becoming a celebrity. However, YouTube is just a network site that offers the affordances of entertaining or money-making implement. Besides, there is an embedded assumption that when reaching a certain number of audience, the whole world is likely wanted to promote, expand and develop themselves with the intention of fulfilling their ability (Khamis, Ang & Welling, 2017). In which it leads to using social media platforms to build their image and creates the interaction between them and others. Without a doubt, this is also the reason why Instagram is well-liked when it comes to choosing a media platform to construct their image and expand their influence. In other words, Instagram gives us the affordance of self-branding.

First of all, we need to understand what the affordance is before going further in analyzing Instagram’s affordance. The concept of affordance is commonly used to portray what and how those material objects such as media technologies permit individuals to do (Butcher & Helmond, 2018). Furthermore, the special technological affordances that are integrated into the media platform’s software, are also limited to specific ways of users’ commitment and actions (Gibbs et al., 2015; Gillespie 2010). In a simpler term, affordance can be seen as the feature of an object which specifies the interaction of users with that object.

Undoubtedly, Instagram at the moment is considered as a site that plays a vital role in daily lives. Instagram is an online platform relates to sharing photos and videos, is best known for generating a social network or relationship with other people (Stegner, 2019). Thus, the affordance of Instagram enables who uses it to upload pictures or videos about themselves. As the aforementioned, Instagram is the tool for ordinary people or even popular ones to help them self-branding. Self-branding involves individuals who develop distinct public images to achieve commercial interests and cultural capital (Khedher, 2014, p.30). Therefore, it can be seen that Instagram has helped the plan succeed. First, the app lets users post pictures and videos without restrictions, and edit them with numerous numbers of filters. It only requires us to upload no less than one photo or videos. Then the users also have the chance to establish the content with tags or the information of the place was the picture taken. Second, the users can insert a short or long caption as they wanted below their pictures. These descriptions are usually in a hashtag format, allowing users to put it into a ‘hashtag conversation’ (Bruns & Burgess, 2011). By posting pictures and inserting captions, it creates a sense of closeness among audiences and the one who uploads it. Not only celebrity can self-branding by using Instagram but normal people can also build their image. For me, I tend to share my moments being a teaching assistant at an English center for kids. I posted lots of videos and photos about my students on Instagram and as a consequence, everyone who follows my Instagram all knows that I am a kid-lover.

While most people use Instagram to fulfill their desire of taking photos, utilizing Instagram as an advertising tool is also very frequent (Stegner, 2019). Some of Instagram users that are micro-celebrities use this platform to accumulate more followers, they only share their photos merely for reaching a mass numbers of followers. After gaining a vast amount of audience, they will make their first move on promoting their brand to make money or promoting themselves to attracting the investment partner. In the case of Man Tien – one of the most famous influencer for young people in Vietnam today, it can be seen that Instagram has helped her in defining herself and building her reputation. Man Tien is known as a member of “Bo ba sat thu” (The three killers), which is a metaphor for killing others with her cuteness. Unlike the two other girls who focus on the showbiz aspect, Man Tien decided to study abroad to concentrate on her studying. However, with her nearly 1 million followers Instagram, even though choosing to stay away from the lure of showbiz, she still develops herself as an influencer for others. She is likely to post pictures every day and most of her pictures are captured of her life. She builds her image as an outstanding girl who is living and studying abroad in Japan. She shares things about her life in Beppu, not a fancy life but an ordinary one and it touches people. She appears in people’s mind as a motivated and happy person and it encourages lots of youngsters in Vietnam.

Not only does it allow uploading photos or videos, but Instagram also helps create interactions between people by creating “Stories” feature. Given the “Stories” which is comparable to its main opponent Snapchat – the company that first invented the Stories format, it allows users to post photos and videos again, but to a sequential feed. The difference between sharing photos in the usual way and through Stories is that all posts can only be accessed by other users 24 hours a day. While the effect of Stories varies across different social media platforms, it’s challenging to deny how the general form affects and how user behavior is changing (Hutchinson, 2019). Instagram depicts its Stories feature as a means to facilitate the point of sharing of moments that don’t meet the expectation of glamorous or traditional Instagram post. But it was created so that people could distribute their time and effort to post more often (Newton, 2016). Let’s get back into the case of Man Tien which I mentioned above. She posts lots of her selfie pictures or her commercial posts on Instagram. On the contrary, she makes use of the Stories feature to “poach” her silly, extemporaneous content that can easily be disappeared by the next day. Furthermore, there are many options that can make her story to be more attracted. She tends to post a picture and adding some Question or Poll options to interact with others. Moreover, the highlight of using Stories feature is that she can interact with her followers by making a live broadcast. She sometimes does a chit-chat talk through Instagram Live to communicate with her friends, fans and so on.

On the other hand, it is interesting to note that, while the expectation of self-branding is explicit, the requisite of privacy is more essential. I suggest that since Instagram is very easy to use and the affordance of it is also considered to let people be able to experience all the features, it leads to the problem of hate speech and privacy violated. As mentioned above, Instagram is accessible, anyone can create an Instagram account in a snap. Lorenz (2019) noted down in her article named “Instagram Is the Internet’s New Home for Hate” that this social media platform may be the place of “great battle against misinformation will be fought”. For the elderly, they often use social media to post photos. Yet, for many teens, the need is different. Not only do they use these kinds of platforms to identify their identities by self-branding, but to “consume” the information that happened on Instagram to gossip about it (Lorenz, 2019).  It can be seen from many cases of celebrities get tons of hate speech on their account, they even received insulting messages through Direct message feature.

Instagram offers some affordances that can guarantee user’s privacy. Users can choose between setting their account into private or public. However, because of some people using Instagram as a money-making tool, or self-branding to become famous, they have to leave their account in a public mode. Additionally, the affordance of Instagram provides people the option to follow, to comment and even to report someone else’s account. Therefore, people can easily make an account just to stalk people they hate and to comment bad things on others’ posts. With reference to, Linh Ka – a 17-year-old girl who is one of the most popular on social media nowadays with almost 900 thousand followers, is also received hate speech on Instagram. She is known for saying some controversial statement like “money can buy college’s grade”, etc. As a consequence, she received a lot of inappropriate comments on her Instagram. However, it should be acknowledged that Instagram now is dealing with these kinds of inappropriate comments like that. And people can also choose to turn off the comment section on their post. Moreover, users can block accounts if they do not want to see those accounts. Those who are in someone’s block list, they cannot find that account again unless the user choosing to unblock. This feature does a great job in creating the affordance that can protect our privacy, especially for the celebrity.

In conclusion, it is obvious that the value of Instagram’s interactive affordances gives users the chance to shape their image in other’s perception. Not only the micro-celebrity can use this social media platform as a tool to promote themselves, but everyone can utilize it to show their characters or charisma to others. Instagram can give users the affordance of self-branding in both aspects, daily lives and commercial marketing and the way that affordance works depend on each person’s needs. However, the negative side of this platform is related to privacy even though it can be handled by ourselves. Thus, I think that Instagram seems to be appropriated with the purpose of sharing personal stuff and expressing ourselves.

First time being threatened (pt.1)

Never in my life that I have been insulted indirectly like that. That was before the Tet holiday, when I was scrolling down my Instagram timeline then someone sent me a direct message saying hello. Being polite, I replied him in a nicest way that I could. After some conversations, I felt really bored because the way he talked was so cringy. I didn’t reply him anymore and started watching some movies, chatting with my classmate. Me and Linh-my classmate, talked about lots of things. I even mentioned the conversation between me and that guy to her and I called him “psychopath”.

Then, boom, how can I imagined that my friend would capture our conversation and post it on Instagram story. She was making fun of me, haha. But it’s okay, at least she set her Instagram account private. Like I told you before, after not replying him, I went out and watched some movies. When I grabbed my phone, I wouldn’t know that my life would be in danger. I’m not kidding! It freaked me out. That crazy guy sent me a message, calling me slut, blah blah blah. I was so f****** scared. I’ve never been insulted like that, omg. I didn’t know what to do, so I just put him into my block list, hoping that I can be alive.

I thought that because I didn’t reply him but still posting my conversation with Linh on Instagram about the movie, so he could have check Linh’s Instagram account and saw the story. But hell no, he was actually an insane stalker. Turned out, he has been following my friend long time ago. And when he interacted with her, she didn’t pay attention to him so he decided to stalk her friend. Scaryyyyyyyy! After telling Linh to block that man, we just thought that he couldn’t do anything to harm us. So we kinda relieved, thinking that we just needed to block him then it would be alright. BUT WE WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!

A day after, I slept until 11pm and then Chi, one of my friends and also Linh’s friend sent me a message along with a picture. OMG that crazy men texted her asking her to tell me unblock him or else he gonna find me and beat me. He insulted me and my friend in the most horrible way that I could not imagine. I was like “Oh no! I’m dead”.

Are you curious what happened after that? Wait for my part 2 hehe.

Spreading Vitamin B by “Vitamin Be” – a famous beauty blogger

     6 years ago, when I first knew about “Vitamin Be”, her Youtube channel had only 1000 subscribers, but nowadays she has approximately 109000 subscribers. She started her channel as a stylist and most of her videos at that time were like fashion videos (DIY stuff, fashion look-books). She even named her channel “Dressmonsta”. However, as you can see from her current image, it’s slightly different from what she showed 6 years ago.

     Firstly, she is seen as aperson who always happy, who wants to bring joy to others. You may wonder whyher previous channel name is Dressmonta but now she changed it into Vitamin Be.So basically, she has been uploading many vlogs on her channel and categorizedthese into a series, called “Vitamin Be Vlog”. Her videos are just recording ofher normal life with the hope that it will bring joy and fun to the viewers.And since that content was supported by many people, she changed her channelname.

     Secondly, not only being astylist but she is also known as one of the most inspiring beauty bloggers. Ifyou know her, you know about her outstanding features – her blushing cheeks.People often feel weird and unconfident when applying too much blusher ontotheir cheeks. However, she broke the prejudice and created a whole new trend(extra pink blush). As a result, everyone sees her as a confident and inspiringperson to admire.

    Her starting point was astylist, however, she constantly developing herself and nowadays, her Youtubechannel focuses on many aspects such as fashion style, makeup tutorial, and herlifestyle. The more people know about Be, the more they feel like they areinspired by her. She is not boring like some other beauty bloggers who justonly care about how to get a million views.

     Watching “Vitamin Be”makes me feel like I got more strength, like the use of vitamin pills,especially when I’m feeling low. She is successfully building her image – atalented girl who spreads her positive to the others.

Instagram read my mind

I remembered that one time, when I was very frustrated with my bleached hair, the pop-up ads about re-treating hair appeared on my Instagram feed a lot. I don’t know any hair salon’s Instagram account so obviously, I could not know which one to find. I didn’t even search for any hair salon, just talking with my friend through the direct messages on Instagram. But then, tons of hair salon ads shown up and it really amazed me. Does Instagram read my conversation and link it with those hair salon account for marketing?

More recently, I was looking for a tumbler to drink more, to have a healthier life. I searched the hashtag #tumbler on Instagram to look for some seller account. Then again, this morning, when I was scrolling down the newsfeed, some of tumbler ads appeared.

All brands know that social media, for instance Instagram, is a vital network which is suitable for delivering or marketing the image of the brand (Arevalo, 2017). In the case below, you can see that it is summer now, so the demand for wearing sandals increased. When I clicked in the picture to see the account, I saw a friend account that followed this shop. It can be acknowledged that since I followed my friend account so her preference somehow, linked to me.

Thanks to algorithm, our interests is being predicted through different social media activity and because of that, these ads appeared to please our preference (Romain, 2018). But on the other hand, I’m also feel being stalked by the algorithm. Like it can trace our social media activities and calculate our interests to partnership with lots of brands to promote its products.

Sometime it is great to have pop-up ads on my Instagram feed; I can check it out if it meets my expectation or match my interest. But sometime I feel creepy cause some ads just pop-up without me doing nothing related to it. Do you guys also think like me?

Đường phố Hà Nội và những chiếc xe

Nguồn: Internet

Có hai thứ mình nhớ nhất về Hà Nội khi còn sống ở bên Nhật đấy chính là đường phố Hà Nội và chiếc xe máy bé xíu xiu của mình. Bên Nhật phương tiện di chuyển mà hầu hết mọi người sử dụng đấy là tàu điện, tiện mà lại còn nhanh. Vé tàu di chuyển từ phố này sang phố khác cũng không quá là đắt. Tiện, nhanh, lại còn rẻ, bảo sao các KOLs hay chỉ cần là những người đi du lịch Nhật về viết review du lịch thôi cũng khen hết lời. Thế rồi Việt Nam cũng học tập theo và bắt đầu xây một tuyến tàu điện như thế.

Nhưng mà điểm đặc biệt của Việt Nam, và nhất là Hà Nội là những chiếc phương tiện đi lại trên đường, bất kể trời nắng trời mưa mùa đông hay mùa hè cơ mà nhỉ? Người Việt mình cứ kêu đường Hà Nội suốt ngày tắc. Ôi, đi chiếc tàu điện bên Nhật vào buổi sáng hay giờ tan làm thì thôi chỉ ao ước là có một chiếc xe máy ngay lúc ấy để đi về nhà thôi. Đi tàu điện thì chỉ cần không nhanh chân tìm được một chỗ người, à mà kể cả muốn nhanh cũng không được ý vì tàu đông không thể thở nổi cơ. Chen chúc nhau mà đứng luôn ấy, nhà ai mà xa chỗ làm thì cứ xác định là đứng chen chúc 30 đến 45 phút nhá, không có thoải mái như chờ tắc đường ở Việt Nam mà ít ra vẫn được ngồi trên yên xe đâu.

Mà ví dụ muốn từ nhà đi lên các phố trung tâm ở Nhật thì mất tầm khoảng 30 phút hoặc hơn, ở Hà Nội từ nhà mà lên trung tâm cũng mất tầm đấy. Nhưng giả sử đi đường mà muốn tạt qua nhà đón bạn. Hay đang đi trên đường bỗng dưng thấy một hàng bán bánh rán mà bỗng dưng thèm ăn nhá, dừng lại nhá là mua được luôn. Ơ, đi tàu điện thì có mà chỉ nhìn thấy mấy tòa nhà từ trên cao hoặc là đi trong hầm tối om thôi ý.

Mình thích đi xe máy ở Hà Nội lắm, chính ra đường phố Hà Nội cũng không tắc lắm đâu í cả nhà ạ. Hơi ô nhiễm một tí, hì, nhưng xe máy và các con phố là đặc trưng không thể thiếu của Hà Nội mà hehe.

Only one medium : Facebook Messenger

Even though having enough money to buy an iPhone, I rarely top up my phone. As a teenager living in the world of social media, I can use different social media platforms to communicate with my family and friends. So when I went through the “Social Media Norm-Breaching Experiments” list for my assignment, the “Only one medium” attracted me first. This experiment, to some extent, is a challenge in which the user has to use only 1 platform to communicate with others for 3 days.

My mom often calls me every day, sometimes I answer her but sometimes I don’t. Even when I’m free, and often leave it there and go to the Messenger app to ask why she calls me. I’m also not the type of person that updates everything to anyone, so I would only answer whenever she asks. Yesterday, I kept sending a lot of silly sentences saying “I’m not eating at home”, “You guys eat without me lol”, … And my mom, as usual, did not say anything except “OK” and asked when I would go home.

Currently, I am a teaching assistant at ILA, an English center for kids. I and other TAs have a group chat on Facebook Messenger. Since we are at the same age, we talk a lot. We talk about our things in ILA or just some idle talks. Yesterday, even though we stayed in the same building we still used Messenger to chat. When someone post in the group asking what we wanted to eat during break time, instead of saying “What are we going to eat tonight?”, they just say the name of the food and put the question mark at the end of the sentence. By referring to 1 thing, it can lead us to enormous kinds of stories that we can talk all day.

These kinds of reactions relate to “the habitus”. The habitus is described as “the durably installed generative principle of regulated improvisations … [which produce] practices. (Bourdieu, 1977). In a simpler term, the habitus is the value that people achieved through their daily lives. By experiencing different cultures, the habitus makes us react to something different. I’m not surprised by the reactions of those who communicate with me through Messenger since it depends on their habitus.

Be you – do you – for you with Vanessa Hudgens


In the childhood of million girls, Vanessa Hudgens appeared as an ideal girl for being Gabriella Montez in High School Musical. Back to that time, the Internet was not developed, I can only feel the connection between me and her through the movie. However, nowadays, it is easier to communicate with celebrity through social media platforms. To be specific, I can interact with Vanessa via Instagram or Twitter.

Her Twitter up to now has 7,19 million followers. But Twitter only lets users write 140 characters per post, as a result, her tweets are often very short. Even though using Twitter, her latest tweet came from 2 months ago. As a celebrity, 2 months of not updating anything will reduce the attention of everyone. Actually, she is more active on Instagram, another social media account of her.

Her Instagram has 35 million followers. The most noticeable difference between Instagram and Twitter is the length of the caption with no limit to the number of characters. Without being constrained, Vanessa usually posts a picture about her spending time with her family, lovers or friends while telling her story she wants to share. She also uses Instagram story to post daily stories and sometimes add question option to interact with fans. And by that, Instagram gives followers the feeling of being attached to their idol.

Instagram @vanessahudgens

Besides telling the stories about her life, it can be seen that she uses both social media platforms to promote her image as well as advertising. Her latest tweet on Twitter was about promoting Disney’s burgers. That tweet was short and only got nearly 4 thousand likes. In contrast, she used Instagram’s advantage of writing a lengthy caption underneath the gorgeous promotional photo for Colgate. Not talking directly about the product, she told a story about her being a celebrity first and the way she uses Colgate to make her look more confident in the public’s eyes. That picture hit 775 thousand likes.

Twitter & Instagram @vanessahudgens

The affordances of Twitter and Instagram are explained as what these “material artifacts” let people experience or do something based on its characteristics (Bucher & Helmond, 2018). As Instagram brings the feel of closeness to Vanessa and the users that make she uses it most of the time. She inspires people by both Twitter and Instagram, however, due to the affordances that these two platforms bring back, Instagram is a better place to feel ourselves being connected.

1 hour before getting the experience of dying

Cả nhà ơi, cả nhà đã bao giờ thử cảm giác chờ đợi trước khi bước vào chỗ chết chưa ạ? Ối, nếu chưa thì mua một vé đi ngay Fuji Q Highland Park ở Nhật nhé cả nhà.

Làm gì có ai lại dở hơi đi đứng xếp hàng 1 tiếng rưỡi 2 tiếng nắng chang chang để đi vào chỗ chết đúng không? Khônh, mình nè 🙂 Đã chúa ghét chờ đợi, lại còn không đam mê nắng nóng, nhưng ma xui quỷ khiến như nào lại thích dăm ba cái trò mạo hiểm. Lúc đi thì phấn khởi lắm, ôi giời ơi chỉ mong nhanh nhanh đến lượt mình thôi. Xếp hàng thì lâu dã man, cái nè người Việt mình khả năng chịu đựng hơi kém nhưng mà thôi nhớ, đam mê thì không gì là không thể. Nhưng trời tính đâu bằng mình tính, lúc bắt đầu queue thì chỉ mong nhanh nhanh, mà đến gần lúc được chơi thì ối vcd xin một vé quay về được không ạ? Tim đập chân run là có thật? Cả nhà xem mấy cái video trò chơi mạo hiểm tàu lượn ở cái chỗ gì gì Hạ Long có thấy ghê không? Tuổi gì huhu 😭 Đặt mông được xuống ghế rồi nhé cả nhà thế là cái xe sẽ từ từ lăn. Mà khiếp sợ là cái trò này nó nào có phải là uốn lượn 🙂 Nó là một cái đường ray thẳng 🙂 Một cái đường ray cắm thẳng lên trời ối giời ơi. Nó từ từ đi lên đến chỗ đỉnh, thì nó sẽ uốn lượn kiểu từ từ 🙂 Xong rồi nó dừng một phát. Rồi đùng nó đâm thẳng dốc ngược lại xuống mặt đất cả nhà ạ. Tưởng chết đến nơi rồi cả nhà ơi. Mà nào phải có 1 trò, sợ lắm rồi nhưng vẫn phải lết đi chơi trò khác. Ăn được mấy chiếc bánh nghỉ giải lao lại lên tinh thần đi đâm đầu vào những điểm chết khác. Và lại một lần nữa trải qua cung bậc cảm xúc y chang vừa nãy ^^ Sợ lắm cơ mà vì đam mê, chơi mấy trò này phê lắm, sống mà không bao giờ chơi mấy trò này thì sống làm cái gì nhở?

Vé 1 triệu hơn thôi cả nhà nhé, tầm 15 cốc trà sữa thôi cả nhà. Vừa đỡ tốn tiền trước nguy cơ để bị béo mà khéo xếp hàng nóng chảy mỡ, chơi xong mấy trò kia lại còn mi nhon ^^

À nhớ đặt vé trước ở nhà nhé cả nhà ơi, đăng ký tên tuổi xong đính kèm cái mặt của mình vào cả nhà nhé. Đừng chọn ảnh ảo quá, hay là make up cẩn thận kĩ càng làm sao mà để hôm đi cái mặt y chang cái ảnh í nhé. Nó check cam mà không giống ảnh nó không cho vào đâu hê hê. Mình bị không cho vào vì đi sáng sớm không kẻ lông mày hì, thế là lại chui vào một góc kẻ vội 🙂

Vui lắm đi đê, không đùa đâu.

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